One-day mountain tours from Almaty

Our city is located at the foot of the Tien Shan mountains, and nature itself has created all the conditions for outdoor activities.

Tours in category:



5-10 hours

Price per person:

80-300 USD

There are quite a lot of beautiful mountain gorges, lakes, waterfalls and peaks around Almaty that you can visit. The most famous of them are Big Almaty Lake, Issyk Lake in the gorge of the same name,and Turgen Gorge waterfalls. These are places where you can go for a few hours (for example, on a picnic in nature near the city), or for the whole day, having a weekend trip.

You can also go further from Almaty and visit the Charyn Canyon or the Altyn-Emel National Park in one day, known primarily for the Poyushiy barhan (Singing Dune) and the Aktau Mountains. But keep in mind that such a trip will take at least 12 hours, and most of this time you will spend on the road.

If you want to visit as many natural sightseeings of the Almaty region as possible and fully enjoy your stay in the mountains, we recommend you to consider the possibility of a multi-day tour from Almaty.

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