Multi-day Kazakhstan tours from Almaty

This section presents our tours, lasting from two to five days. They all begin and end in Almaty, and we tried to collect the most interesting directions - mountain lakes, national parks, picturesque gorges and, of course, the largest canyon in Central Asia.

Tours in category:



2-5 days

Price per person:

280-1800 USD

The nature of Kazakhstan is very diverse, and we tried to use this natural diversity in the tourist routes developed by our team. Together with us you can visit such beautiful places as Kolsai and Kaindy Lakes, Altyn-Emel National Park with famous sights throughout Kazakhstan - the Poyushiy barhan (Singing Dune) and the Aktau Mountains, as well as the Charyn Canyon, which impresses with its landscape.

Such tours will introduce you not only to the nature of our country - you will also see how people live in small mountain or steppe villages, learn more about the Kazakh culture, try various national dishes prepared by the owners of the guest houses in which we will stay for the night. And most importantly - no matter what tour you choose, be sure - a trip to Kazakhstan will leave you an unforgettable experience!

About the company

We work so that tourists coming to Almaty can learn more about our city and discover the culture and sights of Kazakhstan.